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Ep.306 ~ A 21-Year Old Successful Entrepreneur, The Social Media Platform w/ More Data Than Facebook and InstagramTV ~ Jason Wong

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Listeners welcome back to the show.  Could you imagine being 21-years old, having a successful company with employees and being a major influencer in the online world?  I know I could! Jason Wong is a second time returning guest to the show. We interviewed Jason in early 2017 right after he released The Holy Meme Bible and selling $200,000 worth in the first 3-weeks.  Jason is back on the show to chat about the second release of The Holy Meme Bible, a forward-thinking process of team-building, InstagramTV, and the lesser known social media platform that harvests more data than Facebook.

“I have this belief that everyone on your team should become their own boss in a way that they should see everyone as working for themselves and not as working for the company.” Jason Wong


02:21: The Importance of Location Independence for Growing Jason’s Business

09:19: Getting a Successful 21-Year Old Entrepreneur’s View of Leadership

12:21: What’s Working on Social Media?

13:13: InstagramTV

20:39: Jason and Chris Discuss About WeChat

26:27: Jason’s Productivity Hacks


“In our experience, we are seeing a large shift in attention span for users on different (social media) platforms.” Jason Wong


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Meme Bible on Social Media:




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