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Ep.248 ~ An Entrepreneur's Story About Hitting Rock Bottom ~ Jason Long

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100 Interviews with 100

7- Figure Location-Independent Entrepreneurs 

“Hire slow and fire fast. If somebody’s not the right fit, we will usually let them go in a week or two.” Jason Long

Welcome back to another episode of The Entrepreneur House Podcast and today’s topic is about handling business and life when disaster strikes.​

Our guest today is Jason Long. Jason has founded nine businesses over the past twenty years, six of those are still running today.  Jason has lost more money than most make, his company went from having a thirty member staff to eight members in a few short months, he survived a horrible car wreck that put him in a coma for three weeks and took months of recovery, but still managed to keep his businesses afloat.  The biggest takeaway from Jason’s interview is to ‘keep going’. No matter what life brings you, keep going.

“Every Time I have gone through hard times like that (business and life disasters), what I wished I would have done was just, put things on hold for a little bit, put on my backpack, and go travel.” Jason Long

02:34: Who is Jason Long?

11:44: Can a Serial Entrepreneur Have Just One Business?

12:58: Tips on Delegation to Run Multiple Businesses

15:20: Clues to Hire the Right Person

17:55: Disasters of Building 7-Figure Businesses

22:59: Going From Thirty Full-Time Employees to Eight Rapidly

26:08: The Car Crash the Put Jason in a Coma for Three Weeks

30:43: How to Recover After Disaster Strikes in Business and Life

34:27: What Would Jason Do Differently to Avoid Business Disasters?

“I’ve been failing forward for twenty years now.” Jason Long

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DCBKK Conference

JH Media Group

Map Dynamics

Brain Leaf

Code Wright

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