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Ep. 373 ~ The Wild Card of Mindvalley ~ Jason Campbell

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100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Many of you know of the company Mindvalley. They are without a doubt one of the most popular and fastest growing personal development companies in the world today. Today is a special show because we got the chance to sit down with ‘The Wildcard of Mindvalley’, Jason Campbell...and that is really his title. Jason and I start our chat talking about his process leaving the world of entrepreneurship because he had such a strong desire to work with Mindvalley. Most people are shocked at this reaction, but once you start to understand the inner workings of Mindvalley you quickly begin to realize that for many, this a really smart move. Mindvalley catapults its employee's careers and lives to a completely different level. They are incredibly passionate about helping their employees accomplish their dreams, even if their dreams take them away from their time with the company. This creates very passionate promoters and employees at the company and thus makes Mindvalley grow faster and better.


Today we will chat with Jason about how Mindvalley creates and launches products, about their team building and company culture. Their very interesting and successful hiring and firing process, and what Jason would implement if he were building a remote team.


02:38: FreedomXFest

04:33: The Future of Education

09:36: Who is Jason Campbell?

16:08: Creating the 4-Hour Work Week and Finding Mindvalley

19:23: Leaving the Entrepreneur Life to Work at Mindvalley

26:05: Mindvalley’s Incredible Hiring & Firing Process

30:38: Jason’s Biggest Takeaway from Working With Mindvalley

32:35: Love Week

44:46: Creating Systems and SOP’s at Mindvalley

47:33: Building a Remote Team

54:38: Jason’s Productivity Tips


Contact Info:


Social Media: jascampbell17


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