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Ep.505 ~ He Has 2.2 Million Followers on Clubhouse - Should You Be Using it? ~ James Andrews

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~ High-Performance Entrepreneurship ~

Have you heard of the newest audio only social media platform Clubhouse that went viral towards the end of 2020 and early 2021.  If you dwell around entrepreneur circles it is almost guaranteed that you have. The app that was launched in its Beta version in 2020 for only iPhone users had a massive growth boost that had every entrepreneur, influencer, thought leader, and marketer going crazy. Myself included.  Our guest today was one of the first users of Clubhouse to hit 1,000,000 followers and now is sitting at 2.2 million followers as of April 2021. His name is James Andrews. 

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James has been working at the intersection of tech, and culture since the 90’s. He held senior roles at record labels, a fashion brand, tech startups, and advertising agencies. He is a former label executive from the LA/NYC 90’s Hip Hop/R&B Golden Era who worked at Columbia Records. He is currently the founder of Authenticated Ventures, a brand studio and investment advisory that leverages culture to accelerate opportunities and growth outcomes for their portfolio and partners. He is also the founder of The Authenticated is a membership community of 300+ investors, founders and creators, and James is a founder member of The Audio Collective  a hybrid live-audio creator community, production house, and ambassador group. 

Today we are going to chat with James about Clubhouse, the hottest new social media platform for 2021, how one can use it to maximize their business, influence and network, and James' influence and entrepreneurial ventures. 

05:57: James in the 90’s HipHop Scene

08:45: What is Clubhouse?

09:55: How James Became an Early Adopter on Clubhouse?

11:15: Is it Worth Becoming an Early Adopter on a New Social Media Platform?

15:45: What is a Tokenized Social Media Model?

24:15: 10 Million Users and Still in Beta

26:40: How to Grow Your Own Club from The Man Who Has Seen it All on Clubhouse

38:15: Using Clubhouse as a Funnel for Your Business

46:00: Creation Time vs. Working in the Business Time

Contact Info:


Clubhouse: @keyinfluencer and @authenticated

Text: 415-843-8100

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