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Ep.220 ~ Dr. Squatch Soap Co., A Niche Will Make You Rich?  ~ Jack Haldrup


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Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

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Today we welcome Jack Haldrup to the show. Jack is the creator and founder of Dr. Squatch, a soap company for men. Jack got the idea to create a soap company while traveling between cities in the US. He was on a flight and frustrated with is position in life. He promised himself, by the end of the flight, he would have an idea for a business worth building. It is amazing what happens when a person gets clear about what they want. By the end of the flight, Jack had come up with the idea for a soap company and has built it into a 7-figure business.

I am really excited to present this episode to you guys because Jack has a great story to tell and he digs into the science of his marketing and branding. It’s a great episode and without further adieu let’s welcome Jack to the show!

01:42: Who is Jack Haldrup and Dr. Squatch

11:16: Why Men Should Care About Dr. Squatch

18:18: How Jack Branded Dr. Squatch

21:57: Questions to Ask Yourself About Branding

  • What do you think you can be the best in the world at?

  • What are you passionate about?

  • What is your economic driver as a company?

23:47: Dr. Squatch’s Growth on Social Media

27:48: What Jack Would do Differently if He Started Dr. Squatch Now

Jack’s Tips if He Knew What He Knows Today:

  1. Get crystal clear on who your customer is.

  2. Focus on the one best marketing channel to reach that customer, and go all in on that channel.

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