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Ep.199 ~ Using Music to Learn a Language & Making it a Business ~ Idahosa Ness


~ Current Series ~

Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

 On today’s episode, we are joined by the musician, artist, creative genius and founder of The Mimic Method, Idahosa Ness. The Mimic Method is a system of learning a foreign language that uses sounds and accent before learning the words of a language. Idahosa came up with this concept while practicing music in Brazil. This is the way children learn to speak and learn rapidly, why couldn’t adults do it too?

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Fast forward to today,  and The Mimic Method has helped thousands of students grow their language skills. Idahosa chats with us today about the ups and downs of growing this business, his own personal struggles of team building and we also chat about life/business philosophy. 

01:26: Idahosa’s Story

05:39: How Idahosa Grew the Mimic Method

10:12: Understanding Your Weaknesses to Grow Your Team

14:27: Managing the Working in Sprints with Life Balance

18:14: Idahosa on Letting Go of Control for Business and Personal Growth

25:33: Idahosa on Product Invention and the Idea of Quadrupling Down on It

28:16: Idahosa on Life Philosophy

32:56: Chris and Idahosa Talk About Lisbon, Portugal

39:46: Podcast Recommendations

“The key to anyone's success is, honestly reflecting on and understanding where your weaknesses are.” Idahosa Ness

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