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Ep.501 ~ How to Get People to Sell Your Product ~ Hanieh Sigari


~ High-Performance Entrepreneurship ~

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She saw over 600% year-to-year growth with a healthcare startup, while at the same time in an eCommerce business her company drove revenue from $0 to over $20 million in just 5 years. With that success, shockingly enough came the hollow feeling of unfulfillment. This is what actually happens to many entrepreneurs when they feel that the path of success they are following isn’t quite in alignment with their grander purpose in life. It is a pivotal moment when people start to really question themselves, and also a moment when they quite often create their most impactful businesses.

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Our guest today is Hanieh Sigari, and she is the founder of Qyral is a skincare company that provides individualized, and science-based products while offering an opportunity for people to become co-partners and entrepreneurs with the company at the same time. Qyral is a pathway for women to change their health, incomes and lives. Hanieh founded this company after realizing she wanted to really make a different type of difference in the world. She was inspired as a young woman by her mother whose efforts lifted hundreds of wartime widows out of poverty.

On top of being a successful entrepreneur that built an 8-figure company, Hanieh is also a biochemist, and striving to make a big difference in the anti-aging industry. Qyral is the culmination of a lifelong mission to improve the lives and health of others. 

04:15 Who is Hanieh Sigari?

05:39 The Motivation Behind Qyral

13:35 Hanieh’s Entrepreneurial Journey

17:42 Empowering Women Through Qyral

19:58 The Qyral Business Model

38:29 Closing The Gap Between The Gig Economy & Women Entrepreneurship

40:30 How To Come Up With an Unconventional Business Name

44:04 High-Performance Tips for Mompreneurs

55:53 Where To Find Hanieh Sigari?

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