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Ep.455 ~ Business During COVID from the Executive That Turned Around Continental Air, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Quiznos, Burger King and Home Depot  ~ Greg Brenneman

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~ Current Series ~

Entrepreneurs Surviving & Navigating the Corona Crisis

Greg Brenneman Former CEO of Burger King and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, former president of Continental Airlines, COO of Quiznos Subs. He now chairs the private equity firm CCMP capital. He is known as one of the greatest business turnaround experts in the world today. He has revived multiple businesses while creating thousands of new jobs. He is the author of the popular book Right Away and All at Once.

We wanted to get some professionals on the podcast to talk about handling business during times of Crisis, we feature a lot of digital entrepreneurs and few of them were even in business during the 08 recession. So I wanted to get someone on the show that has a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years to help these younger and less experienced entrepreneurs out, and by younger I mean people in business less than 10 years. 08, early 90’s crash, crash of 87,  So I am really happy to have you on the show Greg.

     02:42: Who is Greg Brenneman?

     06:45: His Perspective on the Current Crisis

     18:28: Predictions For Covid19 Therapies

     20:56: Economic Predictions

     27:50: Lessons Learned From 3 Recessions

     41:19: Continental Air - Greg's Most Challenging Role 

     46:39: Future Trends in the Digital Industry

     51:54: Advice to Entrepreneurs that are Cash Poor

     58:13: Greg's Daily Routine

01:01:04: Where to find Greg


Contact Info:


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