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Ep.312 ~ Adventures in the Thai Jewelry Business ~ Greg Boudah

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Could you imagine opening an international jewelry warehouse in Bangkok, Thailand? The first thing that comes to my mind is a hell of a wild ride. Our guest today is Greg Boudah and he is the founder Spokes Jewelry and The Jewelry Republic. Greg started his working life in the Marine Corp serving in the Iraq War in the early 2000’s. He shares about some adventures at war and how it helped form him into the man that he is today. Later in the show, Greg talks about the details of the jewelry business and some fun adventures he had along the way. And lastly in the show, we chat about choosing the right people to have in your life and what it is like to build a 7-figure business with your spouse as your business partner.  


Part I: 

02:42: Doing Business in Bangkok

06:42: Who is Greg Boudah?

08:44: Serving in the Mortuary Affairs Unit for the Marines During War and Greg’s 1st 24 Hours in Iraq

16:59: Working in the Jewelry Business in Thailand

23:11: Regulation of the Jewelry Industry

Part II: 

02:12: Understanding the Jewelry Business

05:55: Adventures in Bangkok Running a Jewelry Business

11:02: The Warrior Spirit

15:02: Running a Business With Your Spouse

21:07: Yoga Meditation and Vipassana


Honorable Mentions:


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The Kimberley Process


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