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Ep.223 ~ To Have An Online Course or To Not Have An Online Course ~ Grant Weherley


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Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

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On the episode today we are joined by the gentleman who created Monetize My Expertise. His name is Grant Weherley and Monetize My Expertise is a done-for-you online course and training creation service. The world of online courses is huge, many businesses use courses for selling products, services and training members of their team. The type of business that can use an online course is nearly limitless and the numbers are growing every day. Grant and his team work confidently at building these courses for entrepreneurs and businesses that want the job done by a pro.

Grant and I talk today about the steps you should follow to create an online course. We discuss the actual time it takes to build a good quality course and some tactics from the most successful online courses and businesses in the world.

“One of your main jobs as a course creator is actually to filter information.” Grant Weherley


01:40: Medellin, Colombia

02:47: Who is Grant Weherley?

06:52: Steps to Follow When Creating an Online Course

1. Put yourself in the beginners mind

2. Why am I trying to help my customers achieve?

3. How can I break it down into smaller steps as simple as possible?

10:29: How long does it take to build a 30-min course?

13:07: What are the characteristics of the best online courses today?

16:51: What kind of businesses work well with online courses?

19:40: What are some businesses that online courses don’t work well for?

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Book in a Box

Peter Shankman

Lead Pages and Co-founder Simon Payne

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