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Ep.219 ~ How to Get 300,000+ YouTube Subscribers  ~ Gabby Wallace

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Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

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“Approach YouTube with a very giving mindset…I think it’s a mistake to see YouTube as a commercial or infomercial.” Gabby Wallace

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Today listeners, we have a good friend of the show and YouTube master Gabby Wallace joining us. Gabby is the founder of Go Natural English and has used YouTube to market and catapult her business in the past few years. Currently, Go Natural English has 300,000+ subscribers and has grown by nearly 10,000 from the time we recorded, to the time we published the episode.

Gabby shares some really great information about growing a YouTube channel. She and I discuss the growth of her content, and herself as a YouTuber. We dive into equipment, handling comments and interaction. Gabby shares her strategies for branding and creating a YouTube funnel. Lastly, Gabby shares some mistakes she made along the way, so you guys can avoid making these yourself.

If you have a YouTube channel or thinking about using one for business, check out this episode!

​02:06: Gabby’s Story

06:12: Gabby’s First Video Content vs. Her Video Content Today

07:45: Recommended Equipment for Video Recording

09:14: Handling YouTube Comments

12:46: Videos and Content that Creates Greater Interaction on YouTube

15:15: Gabby’s Strategy for Branding on YouTube

17:29: Gabby’s YouTube Funnel

21:13: Mistakes to Avoid on YouTube

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