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Ep. 148 ~ $750k Revenue, YouTube, Email Marketing, A Business Disaster, Mexico ~ Behind the Scenes with Freddy Lansky


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100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

“I’m going to give you an honest answer…because I don’t recommend you do this with your business. We got addicted to the sales.” Freddy Lansky

Today listeners we are welcoming and Alumni of The Entrepreneur House and co-founder of iChess to the show Freddy Lansky. Today, Freddy and I talk about a variety of subjects from YouTube to living in Mexico City. But the highlights for me on this show were two things.


First, Freddy’s business created $750k in revenue in 2016, doubling from 2015 and he talks about his email marketing strategy that has created the majority of this. The second was how his business was a disaster behind the scenes while Freddy, his partner, and their team were hustling away to make sure not so long ago they could keep this business afloat. Today they are doing much better but Freddy talks about a low point in their business where they were questioning everything they were doing and if it was wise to continue forward with iChess.

“If you stop running the sales, our revenue will go from $70, $80k a month to $20k.”

Freddy Lansky

What was really refreshing in this podcast is that Freddy was an open book and open to share his highs and lows and the reality of being an entrepreneur. Freddy shared his numbers and what was happening behind the scenes with his business and I am really glad we got him on the show.

If you take the time to listen to the podcast, I think any entrepreneur would really appreciate this episode and the take-a-ways we can learn from Freddy. And with that, let me welcome Freddy Lansky to the show!

“In December 2016 we had a major milestone crossed, we hit 6-figures in monthly revenue for the first time ever and did nearly $50k profit for the month! We finished this year with 63% revenue growth and a mind-boggling 335% profit growth over 2015!” Freddy Lansky


3:00: Living in Mexico City and the Reality of Living in Mexico as a Foreigner Today

15:52:  Business Disaster and Building Through It

18:22, 27:20: Using Email Marketing to Double iChess's Revenue

36:05: YouTube Today

1:06:10 Outtakes

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Kunaki - Prints on demand for physical products

Deadline Funnel

DC -

Minaal Backpack

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