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Ep.436 ~ Using the Skill of Mastery to Build an 8-Figure Business ~ Ezra Firestone


~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

Ezra Firestone is one of the biggest names in the internet marketing world. He is the founder and face behind, a resource and educational company that helps eComm entrepreneurs scale to the next level. Ezra has over 10 years of experience in the eCommerce world. In the last few years Ezra has done $65 million in sales. He is the founder of Boom! , an 8-figure eComm business and also the owner of a few other 7-figure companies. 


Ezra, says the reason why most entrepreneurs don’t make it; is because of their expectations and lack of patience. Today, we talk with him about his mentality regarding both expectations and patience. We get to talk about how he designs and structures his business, why he focuses solely on ads for his businesses, how important routines are for him, and when he breaks them how he stays productive and focused, and of course some tips on managing influence. 


01:45: Who is Ezra Firestone?

06:05: Marathon Not a Race: Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Rush The Process

12:26: Scaling VS Profitability

14:20: Ezra’s Business Model

16:08: Why Incorporate Education?

20:04: Ezra on Work/Life Balance

22:17: Ezra’s Daily Routine

26:26: How Ezra Manages His Influence

30:38: Tips for Entrepreneurs in the Hustle

32:41: Where to Find Ezra Firestone


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