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Ep.487 ~ Building an $11 Million Company in 2 Years ~ Erin Young


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Welcome to the show listeners, I'm really excited to introduce today's guest Erin Young. Erin is an Australian entrepreneur currently living in Bali, and get this, Erin built an all female run lifestyle business to $11 million in two years! Yes, you heard me correct, $0 - $11 Million in 2 years!

Erin’s company Arena Strength sells products for women in the fitness industry.  I loved interviewing Erin, she's got an incredible amount of passion and energy. She really strives hard to help other females, but not just other females, female entrepreneurs as well! In the podcast, we talk about how Erin built the business, Arena Strength up to 11 million so quickly. Now, in her first year, the company did $3 million year one. It was just a couple years ago when she was down to $5,000 a month with her business, and she knew she had to make a major shift to change the way things were going.

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Not only do we talk about Erin building her business, but we talk about everything from how she niches her products down, how she creates her products, how she focuses on her customer, how she strives really hard to create very high quality products for her. customers. How she sees productivity, how she structures her life. and how she makes sure that she creates a lifestyle business working around 30 to 38 hours per week, and her entire team also only works 38 hours per week. It’s a phenomenal episode. I really enjoy diving into the mind of Erin Young without further ado. Let's welcome her to the show!  

   03:59 Who is Erin Young?

   10:06 Her Entrepreneurial Debut

   18:38 How Erin Picks Winning Products

   26:06 Launching Arena Strength

   34:55 How Productivity Changed

   38:33 Maintaining Work/Life Balance

   43:42  The 38-Hour Workweek

   47:57 How Pregnancy Affects Business Growth

   52:30 Marketing to Women on Social Media

   56:48 Managing Influence as a Fempreneur

   59:36 Erin's Selfcare Matrix

1:03:28 Where To Find Erin

Contact Info:

Instagram: @arenastrength_

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