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Ep.452 ~ Habits Built Now Will Prepare You For the Post-Covid World ~ Eric Edmeades


~ Current Series ~

Entrepreneurs Surviving & Navigating the Corona Crisis

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Today we are joined by Eric Edmeades, whose passion for food psychology & behavioral science led him to create Wildfit. Wildfit is a program about nutritional balance that helps you change your relationship with food and attain optimal health.

On this episode, Eric shares insights on how eating well can protect us from Covid-19 and why creating new eating habits during the lockdown is so important.


     17:28: Eating Well Can Help Protect You From Covid-19

     19:31: Eric’s Story on How He Healed Himself From Chronic Illness

     29:06: Most People Are Overfed & Starving To Death

     33:40: The Origins of Your DNA Determine Your Optimal Diet

     46:07: How To Use The Lockdown To Create New Eating Habits

     51:43: How Eric Strategically Shifted His Business To Prepare For Post-Covid World

     56:36: Eric On Managing His Brand Influence During These Uncertain Times

01:00:32: Where to Find Eric Edmeades


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