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Ep.548 ~ UFC Fighter on Mindset & Surviving the Dark Times ~ Eliot Marshall

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~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

Eliot Marshall is a former professional UFC fighter, a prolific competitor who entered the world of mixed martial arts in 2006, competing in TUF competition and then signing on with the UFC. Over his fighting career Eliot has been awarded.....

2001 Pan-American Silver medalist
2002 Pan-American Gold medalist Twice
2005 Pan American Champion Super Heavyweight Brown Belt 2002 USA Team Trials 1st place
2002 USA Team Trials 2nd (Absolute)
2002 Grapplers Quest Bronze medalist
2003 IBJJF Open Purple belt 1st place
2003 IBJJF Open Purple belt Absolute Champion
2004 IBJJF Brown Belt Super Heavy Champion
2004 IBJJF Brown Belt Open Weight Champion
2006 IBJJF Pan Ams Brown Belt Champion
2006 IBJJF 3rd place World Championships
2004 GQ North American Championships - Open Weight Champion 2005 GQ USA Trials 200-210 lb Champion
2004 #1 Rated Absolute Weight Grappler of the Year.
Ring of Fire Light Heavyweight Champion
He was on Season 8 of the Ultimate Fighter reality show...
....and he stands with a 17-5 MMA record


In 2011, Eliot decided to hang up his gloves and become an entrepreneur. He opened a fight training center in Denver, Colorado and also became the head coach of Elevation Fight Team, one of the country's most highly regarded MMA teams.

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04:02 Introduction
06:52 The Beginning of Eliot's Martial Art Journey
11:17 Born To Fight?
16:54 Reaction To Losing
18:06 The Mindset To Win
20:34 Societal Perception Of Public Figures
23:06 Motivation To Become A Fighter
26:05 Dealing With Anxiety
30:51 Inner Healing
34:57 Opening Up Personal Experiences
37:55 Maintaining Peak Performance
40:20 Why Jiu Jitsu Is Great
43:31 Working Out When Dealing With Insomnia
46:32 Current Daily Routine
48:45 Diet
49:32 Starting A Fight School
54:06 Planning Retreats
57:52 Learn More About Eliot’s Retreat
59:22 The Difference Between Being A Fighter And An Entrepreneur
1:02:39 Meditation Practice
1:05:21 Message From Eliot Marshall
1:09:05 Connect With Eliot


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