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Ep.206 ~ High School Dropout to Building Multiple 6-Figure Businesses ~ Derek Pankaew

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews in 100 Days w/ Entrepreneurs Running $100k Businesses

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On today’s show, we have a really interesting story. Most entrepreneurs see entrepreneurship as a sense of freedom. In fact, freedom is one of their highest values.  The idea to build something that is yours, make your own decisions and be independent of a boss. Today we chat with Derek Pankaew. Derek is a serial entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. He has built multiple businesses from different countries around the world, one of his most recent selling t-shirts using only Facebook Ads and selling $600,000 in only 9-months.

But guess what Derek is doing now?  He’s got a job! No, not because he went broke, but because he wanted to.  You see, Derek has a vision to build numerous multi-million dollar companies in his life. He really wanted to learn how to build a $100 million business. So he found a successful startup, moved to New York and landed a job to learn exactly how things are ran.

It’s a great show and one that opened my eyes as a path for the typical entrepreneur.

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02:08: Derek’s Story

03:45: Should you Attend University if You Want to be and Entrepreneur

07:25: Why Have You Built So Many Businesses Derek?

09:03: Derek On Team Building for Multiple Businesses

13:03: How Derek Created a $600,000 T-Shirt Business Using Facebook Ads

18:55: The Downfall of the $600,000 T-Shirt Business

21:50: Derek On Facebook Ad Marketing

26:16: A Business That Could Use FB Ads for Quick Success

27:24: Using FB Ads to Direct to Webinars and High Ticket Items

28:10: After All This, Why Would Derek Get a “Real Job”?

“I think I probably would make more money if I would have just picked Amazon and just learned everything about Amazon, and then just rinsed and repeated. But, I think I would be really bored.” Derek Pankaew

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