Ep.206 ~ High School Dropout to Building Multiple 6-Figure Businesses ~ Derek Pankaew

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“I think I probably would make more money if I would have just picked Amazon and just learned everything about Amazon, and then just rinsed and repeated. But, I think I would be really bored.” Derek Pankaew

On today’s show, we have a really interesting story. Most entrepreneurs see entrepreneurship as a sense of freedom. In fact, freedom is one of their highest values.  The idea to build something that is yours, make your own decisions and be independent of a boss. Today we chat with Derek Pankaew. Derek is a serial entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. He has built multiple businesses from different countries around the world, one of his most recent selling t-shirts using only Facebook Ads and selling $600,000 in only 9-months.

But guess what Derek is doing now?  He’s got a job! No, not because he went broke, but because he wanted to.  You see, Derek has a vision to build numerous multi-million dollar companies in his life. He really wanted to learn how to build a $100 million business. So he found a successful startup, moved to New York and landed a job to learn exactly how things are ran.

It’s a great show and one that opened my eyes as a path for the typical entrepreneur.

“Approach it (Facebook Ads) with the mindset that most of what you are going to do isn’t going to work, and be okay with that.” Derek Pankaew

02:08: Derek’s Story

03:45: Should you Attend University if You Want to be and Entrepreneur

07:25: Why Have You Built So Many Businesses Derek?

09:03: Derek On Team Building for Multiple Businesses

13:03: How Derek Created a $600,000 T-Shirt Business Using Facebook Ads

18:55: The Downfall of the $600,000 T-Shirt Business

21:50: Derek On Facebook Ad Marketing

26:16: A Business That Could Use FB Ads for Quick Success

27:24: Using FB Ads to Direct to Webinars and High Ticket Items

28:10: After All This, Why Would Derek Get a “Real Job”?

“I want to find something that is already working, and follow that train of thought, to a destination that hasn’t been explored yet.” Derek Pankaew

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‘DotCom Secrets’ by Russel Brunson

T. Harv Eker

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