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Ep.549 ~ He Took Amazon to the Next Level Then Started a Multi-Billion Dollar Company ~ David Selinger

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~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

Welcome to The Business Method’s series of interviewing 100 people that have built companies worth $1 Billion or more and our guest today falls perfectly into that category. He actually turned down Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon multiple times to spearhead the Research & Design arm of Amazon’s data-mining and personalization team. He finally folded to Bezos, later saying it was the best decision he ever made. After working with Bezos he went on to launch the $5 Billion real estate brokerage, Redfin.


He then launched RichRelevance, a company that offers personalized shopping experiences for large retail brands, and recently started Deep Sentinel, an AI-based home security service. His name is Dave Selinger and he is joining us on the podcast today!

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     01:02     Intro

     02:09     Micro-High Performance Episodes

     02:51     Events and Trips For Entrepreneurs

     04:15     Guest Introduction

     05:15     Bulletproof Coffee

     09:01     Jeff Bezos Seeking Dave for The R&D team of Amazon

     11:29     What Drove Amazon to hire Dave?

     15:35     The Co-Invention of Amazon Advertising

     19:21     The Launch of Redfin

     19:19     Openness to Data

     28:27     The Most Dangerous Thing in a Business

     31:49     Big Founder Disagreement

     37:31     Tips in Managing Data

     43:15     Example of Why Entrepreneurs Should Focus on Problem Selection

00:48:22  The Mindset and Type of Personalities in the Tech World

00:57:07  Important Leadership Lesson

01:03:07  A Regular Day with Dave

01:10:36  Deep Sentinel an AI Security Company

01:01:05  Learn More about Deep Sentinel on YouTube

01:13:23  Outro

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