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Ep.531 ~ The NavySEAL Mindset
w/ Commander David Sears

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~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

For twenty years, our guest today served in the most elite special operations force in the world, the US Navy SEALs.  He is a decorated veteran, who planned, led and executed hundreds of special operations missions in more than 40 countries on 5 continents. 

He was involved in some of the most significant and defining special operations missions of our time. He led the ground assault on an Iraqi paramilitary stronghold to conduct the first successful US prisoner of war rescue since WWII.  Years later, in the jungles of Colombia, he played a key role in the planning and execution of the successful rescue of US and Colombian personnel held for over 5 years in captivity by the FARC. He has briefed the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Director of the CIA, Director of the NSA, Director of National Intelligence, members of the National Security Council, as well as ambassadors.

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With twenty-plus years of tactical, operational, and strategic knowledge as a leader on the frontlines, he is now the co-founder at Xundis Global, which helps organizations and individuals increase performance, leadership, and innovation. His name is Commander David Sears and he is on the podcast today!

   04:19 Who is Commander David Sears?

   05:39 Being Surrounded By Elite Performers Constantly

   12:14 The Beginning of Becoming a Navy Seal - What Commander Sears Was Like in His Early Years

   22:09 Commander Sears’ 1st Missions Into Colombia & Iraq

   28:39 How to Control Emotions

   32:59 A Mission That Made Commander Sears’ Think Differently

   41:24 Never Ending Systems that Control Us

   44:14 NavySEAL Maxims

   52:14 Applying the NavySEAL Mindset to Entrepreneurship

1:01:04 Commander Sears’ Daily Routine & High-Performance Tips

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