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Ep.357 ~ Bootstrapping Multiple Businesses to 7-Figures ~ Dave Williams

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Bootstrapping is quite common in today’s world. More and more we see entrepreneurs starting out with little money, just an idea, and a few years later they take that business to $1,000,000+.  Today’s guest is Dave Williams and he is the founder of NomadX, a simple and easy solution for remote workers and entrepreneurs to find places to stay while traveling with like-minded people.


Dave has started and sold several multiple 7-figure companies over his entrepreneurial career. Today on the show, we get to chat with Dave about his experience, bootstrapping through the dot-com wave, how to navigate through economic cycles, focusing on a niche and the importance of speed in business.


04:25: Why Dave Has a Base in the South of Portugal?

07:25: Dave on The Camino de Santiago

10:25: Who is Dave Williams the Entrepreneur and What is NomadX?

19:05: The Value of Bootstrapping

23:30: The Importance of Picking a Niche and Speed in a Business

26:09: Recognizing When Your Focus is Too Broad

29:04: Tips for Entrepreneurs Spending Too Much Time ‘In’ the Business

31:55: Navigating Through Economic Cycles

38:15: 5-Figure vs. 6-Figure vs. 7-Figure Mentalities


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