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Ep. 181 ~ PPC Expert, Company Culture and Buenos Aires ~ Dave Aarons

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

“Many people don’t weigh the importance of…expanded associations. How do I get around people, that are playing the game 1,2,3 or even 10 levels higher than I am?” Dave Aarons

Today listeners, I am happy to introduce the PPC expert and founder of Unbundled Attorney, Dave Aarons to the show. Unbundled Attorney, is a premium lead generation service that delivers leads for those in the legal industry. Dave started his entrepreneurial career in the network marketing industry first, becoming an expert at sales and marketing. After realizing he was still trading time for dollars he began to shift his mindset and look for ways to earn residual income and gain more freedom. Dave has been running a lead generation business for over five years and now has the time a freedom to live where he wants to and how he wants.

On today's episode, we will dive into PPC for 2017. Dave addresses how he is using this for his business, shares some great tips on maximizing PPC to work for you. Later in the show, he then talks about his strategy to grow his network and mindset.

“Who are the people that I want to get around the most, that are going to hold me to that next level and then, how can I get around them?” Dave Aarons

01:33: Buenos Aires, Argentina

15:18: Dave on PPC

20:45: Google Search vs. Bing Search Engine

24:16: Leadership and Appreciation in Company Culture

Honorable Mentions:

Gary V.

Tim Ferriss

Neil Donald Walsh

Kimbal Musk (Elon Musk’s Brother)

Tony Robbins

Bryan Bayer

Jim Rohn

‘The Art of Exceptional Living” by Jim Rohn

‘Challenge to Succeed’ by Jim Rohn

‘Cultivating Unshakable Character’ by Jim Rohn

Contact Info:

Unbundled Attorney

Twitter: dave_aarons

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