Ep.209 ~ Learning How to Learn Better ~ Danny Flood


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“Travel is really the ultimate education, it is the ultimate chance for reinvention.” Danny Flood

On the show today we are joined by another modern day Indiana Jones entrepreneur that has been traveling non-stop while growing his business for the past six years, Danny Flood. Danny is the founder of Open World Magazine, Open World Podcast and the author of six books. What I like about Danny is that he really takes traveling, adventure, productivity and entrepreneurship to another level. The last time I saw him was in Thailand taking hot air balloon flying lessons so he could fulfill his goal of flying a hot air balloon around the world!

Today, Danny shares about his journey as an adventrepreneur, some of the crazy travels he has been on, how he applies his adventurous mentality to being an entrepreneur and his new book. Danny also shares an interesting perspective on growth hacking, and some great tips on how he maximizes his personal development, free time and adventure in his life.

“I take on adventures because it provides a new perspective on life….I just feel like I’m face to face with the raw essence of life.” Danny Flood

03:35: Danny’s Story

09:50: On Growing Your Network

17:59: Danny’s Short-Term Goals

21:55: Danny on Balancing His Time

23:55: Hacks to Grow Your Social Media

28:57: Danny’s New Book on Growth Hacking

“If you really want to learn things very quickly, you should teach things.”  Danny Flood

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“If you want to learn faster, you need to make at least 200 mistakes a day.” Danny Flood quoting Benny Lewis

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