Ep.144 ~ Fostering Serendipity at Fireside Conf. ~ Daniel Levine

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Today listeners we have one of the co-founders of Fireside Conference, Daniel Levine on the show!  FiresideConf happens just outside of Toronto, Canada. Once a year, some of the brightest minds in business and tech disconnect from our digital world, travel to Camp Walden near Toronto to spend a long weekend networking and learning from one another in a fun-filled outdoor adventure. They host speaker sessions while sitting around the campfire discussing business ideas. The entire camp is open to waterski, canoe, kayak, sail, participate in sports and a rope course. What is really cool about FiresideConf is that you truly are disconnected. Meaning that there is absolutely no cell phone reception at the camp.  It is an invite-only, all-inclusive technology, business and investor summer camp!

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I am really excited to welcome Daniel to the show because he is the first person that we have had on the show that creates events similar to The Entrepreneur House. I started researching FiresideConf and Daniel, and became more and more excited about learning more about both him and FiresideConf…..and with that, let’s welcome Daniel Levine to the show!