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Ep.538 ~ The Most Impressive Entrepreneur Community I Have Ever Seen ~ Daniel Epstein

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~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

Our guest in this episode is a serial entrepreneur who was recognized by the White House as one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs in the US with the "Impact Award".  He is also named by Fortune Magazine as one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders, alongside the likes of Bill Gates & Tim Cook. He received an award from Inc. Magazine’s “30 under 30 entrepreneurs” and Forbes identified him as one of the “top 30 most impactful entrepreneurs.”


Daniel Epstein already started three companies to his name as he finished his undergraduate degree in Philosophy. His passion for meaningful and beneficial entrepreneurship led him to start Unreasonable Group. Unreasonable Group is a global community of entrepreneurs that are shaping trillion-dollar industries and uplifting the lives of over 720 million people.


The Unreasonable partners with multinational institutions and revered brands to align them with impactful growth-stage entrepreneurs, and today actively supports 250 entrepreneurs who have raised $6.9b in financing, generated $5.2B in revenue, and impacted 180 countries across the globe.


Daniel will share how his unconventional approach towards entrepreneurship institutes an influential community that positively impacted 730 million people worldwide.

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6:08  How Daniel Epstein Started

12:38  What Do All Entrepreneurs Have In Common

13:31  Daniel Bending History In The Right Direction

14:50  What Business Is Fundamentally About

15:02  Bias Belief On Business

16:45  The First Company

22:21  Collaborative Advantage

24:09  Conceiving The Win-Win Situation Idea

28:16 How Philosophy Could Influence Morally Good Decisions in Business

31:26  Profiteering Vs Intentional Profit

34:37  Dealing With Potential Losses

36:38  Using Business As A Beneficial Tool For Everyone

39:19  The Genesis Of Unreasonable Group

46:39  Creating Impactful Communities

49:18  Is Entrepreneurship The Solution To Every Problem?

50:31 Using Competitiveness To A Good Advantage

53:06  Confidence And Humility

55:48  Empowering Vulnerabilities

57:01  Common Misconception Of Confidence

57:36  Allowing Yourself To Be Vulnerable To Other People

59:13  Resistance And Defensiveness In Being Called Out

1:02:51  Qualifications For Unreasonable Groups

1:04:28 Gauging The Societal And Environmental Impact Through The Intention And The Profit Model Of The Business

1:07:17  The Growth Of Unreasonable

1:11:19  Empathy builds empires

1:13:19  When Did The Growth Stage Started?

1:14:16  How Unreasonable Makes Money Through Crowdfunding

1:18:54  Switching Model

1:21:21  How Daniel Got Through Financial Roadblocks To Sustain Unreasonable

1:23:56  Start A Business Where You See Yourself In 10 Years Time

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