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Ep.361 ~ Going Broke and Back to Millions in 5 Years ~ Daniel Ameduri

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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I love hearing stories of entrepreneurs hitting rock bottom and building their way back up to the top. They are stories of persistence and the bare-knuckle drive to never accept something less than what they feel they deserve.  Today’s guest is in that category of incredible people and the founder of Future Money Trends, Daniel Ameduri.


Daniel and I talk today about how he built a real estate portfolio up to millions as a young man and then lost it all in the 2008 crash. He then rebuilt himself back to millions in a short five years. We dive deep as Daniel shares about recovering from being broke, how he now teaches his children about entrepreneurship, his prediction on the global economy for the next ten years and his insight on location independence!


03:15: Daniel and Chris Talk Incorporating in Texas and the Great City of Austin

07:45: Who is Daniel Ameduri?

14:14: Daniel’s Business Investing Strategy and Making a Business From His Hobby

16:30: Daniel Goes Broke and Starts Work in a Grocery Store

23:25: Recovering From Being Broke

26:22: Teaching Children About Entrepreneurship

29:05: Prediction On the Global Economy For the Next Decade

34:30: Starting Over with an Online Business

39:45: Daniel on Location Independence


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