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Ep.444 ~ Why Most People Suck at Listening ~ Dane Maxwell

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Dane Maxwell has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and has started 16 businesses in his career.  He’s the Founder of The Foundation, a program designed to teach entrepreneurs how to build a profitable SaaS business, and currently owns a multi-million dollar SaaS business called, as well as ‍, ‍, & ‍ 


Dane found building a business around a painful problem to be extremely lucrative. He taught people not to follow your passion, but to follow the pain, and become passionate about the process of problem solving. 


Nowadays, he has a love hate relationship with teaching entrepreneurship because while building a business that solves other people’s problems is financially rewarding, it’s not always fulfilling. So he has  recently had an awakening and has chosen to retire from business to develop himself as a singer/songwriter.


01:54: Who is Dane Maxwell?

08:00: MLK, Steve Wozniak & Michelangelo

12:33: Dane's Decision Making Process

24:16: Living in a State of Receptive Curiosity

34:23: Live Listening Exercise w/ Chris

47:56: How to Improve Your Listening Skills

01:04:12: Identifying What Gives You Pleasure

01:13:09: Final Thoughts

01:16:48: Where to Find Dane 

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