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Ep.309 ~ Building Events with the Co-Founder of Microconf Europe ~ Dan Taylor

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

Hello everyone and welcome to the podcast. We are glad you joined us. Today, we welcome Dan Taylor to the show. Dan has built and sold two businesses one SAAS, and one consultancy. Now he runs a large location independent business called AppServerents which is a Google Education Partner and runs over 300 events per year. He has also recently built and launched  On top of that, Dan was one of the original co-founders of Microconf Europe.


On the show, we get to chat with Dan about the specifics of his two businesses. We learn what it is like running a massive 7-figure 300 events/year business.  Dan also shares with us what it was like to help build Microconf Europe and offers some great suggestions on how you can create your own event.


06:55: Who is Dan Taylor?

10:58: Google Education Partners in Schools Today

14:13: Running 300 Live Events Per Year

15:53: Prague, Czech Republic

17:28: Co-founding Microconf Europe

24:28: Dan and Chris Chat About Creating a Live Events


Contact Info:

Twitter: @dantaylorAE




Check out and email Dan at or reach out on Twitter @dantaylorAE. Dan will give a discount for any listener who runs events.

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