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Ep.504 ~ Building a 9-Figure Online Company ~ Dan Roitman


~ High-Performance Entrepreneurship ~

Dan Roitman is the founder of Stroll, an eCommerce platform company that specialized in marketing education products. Through Stroll, Dan turned Pimsleur into the second largest language learning platform in the US, and close to a $100 Million product line. For seven years in a row, his company that he started in his college dorm room was on the Inc. 5000 list, the Philadelphia 100, and Internet Retailers top 500 list. He’s also been recognized as a ‘40 Under 40’ by both Direct Marketing News and the Philadelphia Business Journal For a ten-year period, Stroll had an annual growth rate of over 70%. The company became an $80 million professionally managed organization with more than 125 employees.

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Dan had a fascination with personal development products that began in college when he needed to quickly learn how to build and manage a business. He was able to self-fund the growth of Stroll through his own constant commitment to business improvement and the ability to leverage sophisticated marketing analytics and advanced e-commerce techniques.

To quote Dan…. 
“I realized the only way to succeed would be to leverage the few dollars at hand. I had access to several third-party testing and optimization tools. All I needed to do was monitor and assure an ROI on every advertising dollar invested so that I could ultimately optimize my results until I was successful. Analytics and optimization became my rallying cries—a means to lift me from my own disaster and build a quickly growing business."


Today, Dan is focused on his early education business, MindFinity, and also mentors high-growth entrepreneurs in his spare time. Dan sold Stroll a few years back. We’re going to talk about that today, on top of Dan’s mindset and high-performance tips, along with his new venture MindFinity. 

05:57: Being Ruthless with Your Time

Podcast Episode About Being Ruthless w/Your Time 

13:57: Starting Stoll in His College Dorm

17:58: Ensuring Every Dollar Put Into a Business is Profitable

27:37: Matching Values in Business

33:42: How Dan Viewed His Largest Competitor Not as a Competitor At All

42:42: Contribution Margin vs. Profit Margin

50:08: Finding Contentment in Current Work Projects

51:49: Dan on Meditation

59:47: High-Performance Tips from Dan Roitman 

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