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Ep.412 ~ Brain.FM Changing the Way our Brains Perform ~ Dan Clark

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Using technology to help people focus, relax and sleep is changing the way we live in the modern world. Anyone with a smartphone has easy access to any type of music they want to listen to at any time. What is really interesting is that neuroscience is also on the bandwagon of understanding the effects of music on the brain because it goes hand-in-hand with making us mortal humans just a little bit more effective in our daily lives. 


Brain.FM is leading this charge by creating music to stimulate the brain that’s not too stimulating but rather helps reduce distractions and increase focus. One of their first users, Dan Clark has been CEO of Brain.FM since 2017 and we had the opportunity to pick his brain about all the magic behind Brain.FM’s success.

On today’s show, we dive deep into how the right sounds can help us take our productivity to the next level. It can also take our sleep, meditation or relaxation even deeper. Dan talks about how Brain.FM is combining A.I. and professional music composers together to make highly effective tracks that their customers can listen to and get results from. We touch on why this works so well on the human brain, why it is replicating a natural part of our brains, and how this type of technology is helping people not only operate better in their own lives, but how neural-phase locking is helping people with trauma, mental disorders and replacing medication for people with ADHD.


  4:00: Who is Dan Clark?

  6:08: What Does Brain.FM Do?

  8:44: How Brain.FM Helps You Hyper-Focus

11:03: The Science Behind

13:55: How Quickly Can We Reach Flow-State Using

15:46: How Helped the US Team Win the Olympics

18:18: Which User are You?

21:31: How Neural Phase-Locking Works

25:10: Combining Music & A.I.

31:22: What We Can Expect from in the Future

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