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Ep.224 ~ Can Online Giveaways Catapult Your Business Growth? ~ Dafina Smith

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Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

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Hard work, consistency, and focusing on the long-term is what it takes to build a sustainable, successful business. This is what our guest was taught from her parents that immigrated to the U.S. and had a dream of being entrepreneurs. Dafina Smith is the CEO of Sunny’s Hair. Sunny’s Hair started out as a wig and extension store in Minnesota.


Today, they have three locations across the U.S. and have absolutely exploded their business online.

On this episode, you will learn how Dafina launched and grew the online part of her family’s business. She also discusses how she learned about humility…one of the most powerful traits any entrepreneur can have...from her father. Dafina will discuss in depth about how she structures ‘giveaways’ with her business to grow the online and offline sales.

If you are exploring new ways to sell physical products to your customers, I am going to recommend this episode.

“Successful friends like to have successful friends.” Dafina Smith

01:45: Who is Dafina Smith?

10:29: Online Sales 10 years Ago

13:19: Growing Your List Through Giveaways

19:55: How Often to Have Giveaways

21:54: Testing Out Different Amounts for a Giveaway

22:35: Syncing Email Lists with Facebook for Smarter Advertising

Honorable Mentions:

Viral Sweep


Klaviyo - Announces the Giveaways



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