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M3 ~ Fortune Forum 

Four Days - 10 Seasoned Founders - One Billionaire

Aug. 3-6, 2023

Austin, Texas

What is M3 ~ Fortune Forum?

M3 ~ Fortune Forum was designed for one specific purpose - for you to have the ability to meet in a small group setting with founders of billion dollar companies.


Our next event in Austin, TX will be with billionaire Drayton McLane!


Forum: a meeting or medium where ideas on a particular issue can be exchanged.

  • The M3 ~ Fortune Forum is an experience designed for successful entrepreneurs that want to learn from the most brilliant minds possible


Who is Drayton McLane?

Drayton grew the McLane Company, a wholesale grocery business to become one of the most successful companies in the United States. In 1990, Drayton sold his the McLane Company to Sam Walton for $19 Billion. He then became the Vice Chairman of Walmart and in 1992. he decided he needed a new challenge and purchased the Houston Astros baseball team, after attending only 3 baseball games in his life.

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Currently, Drayton is the Chairman of the McLane Group which oversees a number of other companies operating throughout the world. During his tenure, at the McLane Company he propelled it into a multi-billion dollar company, achieving an average growth rate of 30% per year. After playing key roles in the McLane Company and Walmart, he resigned in order to devote more time to other businesses and charities.   

 He owned and led the Houston Astros baseball team for 19 years. During his time leading the Astros he ran the team as a business with one goal in mind. Become the first Texas team to make it to the world series and he accomplished that goal in 2005! He also built them a new stadium which to this day is still named after him. 

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Sensory Depravation

Float Tank

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The Thermal Baths 

of Budapest

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Cryo Chamber

Cold Therapy

The Schedule

Aug. 3 - Day 1:

Arrive in Austin & Welcome Dinner

Aug. 4 - Day 2: 

Meet with Drayton McLane

Group Dinner


Aug. 5 - Day 3: 

Authentic Texas BBQ Experience

M3 ~ Think Tank

Barton Springs

Group Dinner


Aug. 6 - Day 4:

Final Brunch

Head Home


M3 approaches business through a long-term relationship base that I absolutely love! Spending time with the right people is how you create long-term wealth. I’ve gotten a phenomenal amount of value, but not fluff-stuff. They are actual steps I can implement, & every single time it has happened, there was success behind it!

Daphne Thomson, Founder of Catch the Beat Digital Marketing Agency

One of the coolest things about M3 is they use experiences to connect entrepreneurs together. Other groups I have been a part of in the past were really hard to form friendships & strong bonds. They make it easy to for this to happen. It’s been fantastic!

Mark Zhang, Founder of Founder of Manta Sleep

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“Life is all about experiences & who you experience life with. The M3 crew is unbelievable! I have learned so much every time I talk with them. I look forward to the adventures we get to do together, & the growth & expansion of our businesses. I highly recommend you come to any event that they do, meet the people that they surround themselves with so you can grow and create fulfillment in your life!” 

Christan Hiscock, Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of Kardia Financial Group

“Being a part of M3 has helped me upgrade not only my businesses but my life. It's a great group to be around, & they are teaching me to push my limits past the point that is comfortable to get to the next level in my life & in my businesses.” 


Ray Blakney, Founder of LiveLingua & Podcast Hawk

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“M3 is a great experience. I’ve met really cool people, very successful, super smart, & I am learning so much from each one of them.

I love being a member and I can’t wait for more!”  


Nathan Liao, Founder of CMA Academy

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Join us....

M3 ~ Fortune Forum

Aug. 3-6, 2023

Autin, Texas

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