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 Imagine 1-Year of Productivity in 3-Months 




If you’re here, you’re probably either an entrepreneur, founder, CEO, executive, solopreneur, A-type driven personality or all of the above!


You are established, knowledgeable, driven and regularly working through the day-to-day hustle. 


But you still feel like there is more…


You might feel stuck…


You work hard. However, you know there are faster ways to get to the next level. 


You know it is possible to produce better results…


While at the same time having more free time to live a more balanced and happy life. 


Someday....hopefully not too’re going to die. 


The only thing left will be what you accomplished while you were here. 


It will be your legacy…


Are you on track?

Are you looking for that "thing" that can help you balance it all while becoming rapidly more productive?


Scaling faster and better is possible. You have seen others do it and they do it well.  Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Steven Kotler, Richard Branson, John Lee Dumas....the list goes on and on.


You know people who 10x, 20x and even 100x their business and lives. They take their 5-figure business to $500k in a year. You have seen people go from 7-8 figures with astonishing speed. You have even heard of people working much less, enjoying life and all of a sudden they start making money hand-over-fist!


High-performance productivity coaching enables people just like you to shift their mentality and habits slightly to dramatically increase their results. It first starts with the mindset. Then you need an effective system to change your day-to-day habits, and that’s when the results shift. High-performance is no longer just for top professionals and extreme athletes. We now know the science of how high-performers apply habits, priorities, mentality and neurochemistry to make it possible for regular people to get superhuman results. 


Your productivity habits can change your life. They can change your team, your clients, your customers and also the lives of the people you love.  That change can affect your family, friends and the lives of others for many, many years to come. 


You have a mission, something incredibly important to accomplish, and how you perform day-to-day can help you get there much faster and efficiently.  I want to be the person that helps you turn your vision into a reality. 

The Backstory

The Systems of High-Performance Productivity

Every potential client that reaches out to me is looking for something to make themselves just a little bit more effective in their daily life. They tell me, “I know it is possible to be more productive and get better results….but I just don’t know what I am missing.”


I completely understand. I was in a similar position when I started down this path. I wanted to get massive results in record time, so I started by hiring a coach myself over 12 years ago. 


What I realized through my first coaching process is that everything I did during that time….every inch that I grew, and new tool I gained to be more productive changed everything for the rest of my life. 


It didn't just affect me….but the people that I serve; my clients, my customers, and even deeper, my friends and family. Becoming more effective and efficient by understanding high-performance productivity directly affected every facet of my life and it will for you too.  


Because I was willing to take on my life, I knew that 5, 10, 25, even 50 years down the road everything would look better. 


You see, going after your big goals, isn’t really about you, it’s about you, but it is even more about the people you influence.  The people that see you making amazing things happen, and then they follow you in some sort of way. Even if you sell random products in a very small niche somewhere in the world.  You….being your best-self...will transform others, and it is why it is important for you to take your dreams head-on, and why it is important for me to be there to guide you along the way. I can help you make those dreams possible...much faster.  


What you have inside you can alter the course of history. You just have to be brave enough to go after it. High-Performance Coaching helps you do that!


To change a single life is pretty amazing, but if you had the cure for a terminal disease, would you limit the amount of people you share it with? If you knew how important it was to share it with the world, would you let anything stop you from sharing it with as many people as possible?


There are great people who limit themselves and their potential. Usually, because of fear and insecurity;  I understand, I have done the same! But…I keep the little thought in the back of my mind that reminds me it’s not about me. It is about others, serving others and helping others….


The world needs what you are offering! 


I learned how to share my message over years of practice. I had coaches, mentors and friends that would help me, but no one to help me every step of the way when it came to being incredibly focused on goals, productivity and high-performance.  I wasted a lot of time on mistakes and wandering down the wrong rabbit holes. When I decided to become a coach, I really wanted to help people take their lives and businesses head on. I researched dozens of systems and processes and I came up with a few that have been highly effective for me….and for many others as well. I apply these systems with each person I work with. 


1. Lifetime Vision

Many people are confused when I mention lifetime vision and ask, “What does this have to do with productivity and high-performance?” My answer - EVERYTHING!  Imagine a plane flying from New York to Tokyo. If that plane is slightly off its target, it can end up going thousands of miles in the wrong direction. If the direction is just 0.1% off in New York, the plane could easily end up in Australia! So before you start planning how you are going to become superhuman and crush your goals….you really need to know what the big picture of your life is. 


2. Deep Focused Work

You have 3-hours of hyper-focused productivity time each day. You need to be ruthless with your time.  We implement blocked time, so you can truly be focused on the work that will move the needle in your business and life each day. 


3. Environment 

Believe it or not, where you work and who you work with can be the factor that is stopping you from being as productive as you can be. We analyze this to see what is the most effective for your personality.


4. Superpowers

We all have things we are great at. Many times when we focus on one of those things, and double down on it, it will make us much more effective. We plug you into the system to develop the habits to focus on one or two of those superpowers.


5. Planning 

Planning is the GPS of our goals and dreams. Without proper planning that is targeted and batched, then it is so easy to lose direction. We take you through a planning system for high-performance.


6. Taking Massive Action


Big juicy goals really give us motivation to get into a hyper-sense of flow. I have spent my entire career going after those big goals! Let's work through yours together!


If you plug into this strategy and add a little discipline, you will become much more productive in all areas of your life. You will look back after a few months and be shocked at what you accomplished, the change in your business, the change in yourself and the impact you are making in the world.  

Getting Results

One of my favorite quotes is by Tom Willhite... 


“A person is judged based on results. Often harsh, always fair.” 


For over 10 years, I have kept this quote in mind  every time I make and plan goals. It has been a driving force in learning about high-performance and productivity. 


Our process helps you work through the clutter in your mind and find direct and impactful results that you want to accomplish.  We will work together to define objectives and key results. Then we reverse engineer those goals to make sure you are on track daily, weekly and monthly so you can realize bottom-line results! 

Working Together

Are you ready to become more productive and live a healthier, more balanced life? 


How would it feel to 10x or 20x your performance so you have more free time?


I truly believe that all of us can do this with just a few minor shifts in our plans and habits.


Are you ready to step into the potential that you know you have inside of you? What you do today will truly affect everything for the rest of your life. Don’t wait! Step into that new version of yourself that you know is possible. 


We will begin by having an initial Kick-Off Call that can last up to two hours. We work through the clutter in your mind to see what is stopping you and what you need to focus on to increase your productivity. This initial call is one of the most challenging because it will define everything during the time we work together. 


Each week, we will have a one hour one-on-one call discussing your previous week and what the next week should look like. During these calls, we work through the systems of high-performance and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.


I will support you every step of the way.  My job is to be looking over your shoulder to make sure you are focusing on what works. I will be there to make sure you are following through with your priorities and observing where you lose sight, so you can get back on track as soon as possible to maximize your productivity levels. My job is also to make sure you have balance in your daily and weekly life because balance is essential to maximize performance. 

Are You Ready to Get Real Results?

What would it mean for you, your career, your business and your legacy to go to the next level of high-performance, to really increase your productivity levels so you can have more free time to do the things you really want to do? What kind of ROI would that provide for your business and for your life?


Let me show you how deep the rabbit hole can go!

"Chris has been my coach for the past 12 months. After meeting Chris at Get Shit Done Live, I started getting the benefits of his productivity coaching. He has a great way of making me believe in myself, by setting ambitious goals and going after them. One year ago, I couldn’t get a single sales call for coaching in 8 days. The last 2 days of GSD Live, I got 7 sales calls. With his coaching support, over the past year, I have had 600 sales calls and over 120 career coaching clients. I can truly say that without Chris’ support this year, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Today, my income is 4x what I was making before at my last full-time job." Tom Kent founder of CareerNerds


"I wish that I would have know early on in my career how valuable coaches are to your ability to grow rapidly." Tracy Willard Matthews, Founder of Flourish & Thrive Academy

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Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 8.18.14 AM.png

"Setting a goal, and knowing you have to accomplish it really motivates you to get stuff done!" Niels Bosman, Founder of Happy Vegan 

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 1.39.59 PM.png

"Meeting Chris and letting him coach me has been one of the best things that I have ever done." Paul Levine, Founder of EverWebApp

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 11.51.35

"The best part was the accountability factor. There was a strong focus on making things happen, and without that, we would have not been nearly productive." Matt Nguyen eComm entrepreneur


"I learned how to work with my business partner in a better way. The crunch time and the urgency, got us to figure things out much more rapidly." Olivia Solero, Founder of Cannabis Stack and Content Marketer

"Most important is setting tangible goals and make sure you set smaller goals to work towards the bigger goals." Harry Coleman eComm Millionaire and Founder of Beasts of eCom

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 1.38.18 PM.png

What People are Saying About Chris Reynolds

"I am a firm believer in the idea that you can get anything you want in this life if you help enough people get what they want in life. This is why I designed this course. It worked wonders for me, it changed my life and I love helping people reach their peak-performance to change their lives. These testimonials are the true reward for helping people take their lives on and develop long-term high-performance habits." Chris Reynolds 

"I got the chance to work with Chris & he helped me get clear on what was most important in my coach w/ someone with Chris' skills took my life to a whole new level."

Mark Brenwall, Lifestyle & Amazon Entrepreneur

"Chris is my go-to underground influencer that knows everyone! I love that guy!"

Noah Laith, Serial Entrepreneur

"I went from 0 to 120 clients in the past year. I can truly say that without Chris' support, I wouldn't be where I am today. Now my income and focus are 4x what I was making at my last full-time job!"

Tom Kent, Founder of Career Nerds

"My biggest takeaway is that I need more of this!"

Ray Blakney, Multiple 7-Figure Entrepreneur & Founder of Live Lingua

"Everything I worked on at Chris' course has now made me over $40,000. It gave me the structure to really focus!"

Willo Sana, Transformational Business Coach

"Working with Chris was the smartest investment I have ever made! Without him, I would have really been lost."

Fredrick Lansky, Co-Founder of iChess & Founder of Points Panda

"Before this, I was stunted. I got so much clarity. I couldn't recommend this stuff more!"

Bridget Ryan, CEO & Founder of BR Consulting

"A big thank you to Chris Reynolds. If you like want to take your work seriously but have fun, this is the place to be. I'm really grateful I got to participate in this!"

Sebastian Marshall, Founder of

"I got many positive outcomes. I learned a lot about myself & the way I operate. I was able to take decisive directions that will have an impact on the upcoming months and years. Thanks for this!"

Aakash Bansal, Founder of Skyvik

"The best part was the accountability factor. With Chris, there was a strong focus on making things happen."

Matt Nguyen, Co-Founder of Tele Fuel

"When you truly buckle down sometimes you don't realize how quickly things get done. This really helped me to focus, prioritize & really increase my productivity. "

Ben Dziwulski, Founder of WOD Prep 

"This really helped me push past my barriers to get some serious shit done!"

Adam Arthur, Software Entrepreneur

"I made $18,000 in 10-days at Chris' course. Working with Chris takes things to the next level. I did 3-months work in 10-days! Thank you Chris"

Emil Goliath, Founder of Dr. Goliath Coaching

"I made $18,000 in 10-days at Chris' course. Working with Chris takes things to the next level. I did 3-months work in 10-days! Thank you Chris"

Emil Goliath, Founder of Dr. Goliath Coaching

"Chris is an on-the-go life optimization specialist who doesn't just move the needle he gets shit done!"

Benny Wallington, Founder of 1010 Tokens

Are You Ready to Get Real Results? 

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