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Ep.126 ~ Three 6-Figure Launches in 15 Months ~ Cindy Vranken

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100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses

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“My customers, they are like my friends, they are like my family.” Cindy Vranken

 In early 2015, Cindy Vranken had 70 people on her email list. She had nothing but an idea for a business and ambition. In the past year and a half, Cindy has grown to become the founder of a popular sales community in the Dutch speaking markets and completed three very successful 6-figure launches. On this podcast, Cindy will tell us exactly how she did it!

Cindy is the founder of and teaches small business owners how to sell from the heart with her online program called Happy Salespreneur. Part of her message is teaching entrepreneurs that they don’t need to wait 10-years to make great money. It has been incredible seeing how she inspires people and leading others to accomplish their dreams.

“I started with 70 people on my email list a year and a half ago and have had three six-figure launches.” Cindy Vranken

“Only when you are 200% sure that you can help them, then you make the offer, otherwise, you don’t.” Cindy Vranken

21:42 ~ What is your intention when you are selling? Are you selling to sell, or are you selling to help?

31:27 ~ 3 Six-Figure Launches in 15 months

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