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Ep.221 ~ From Hobby to 1,000,000 App Downloads to Online Community ~ Christopher Sutton


~ Current Series ~

Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

​Today podcast listeners we are joined by the founder of Musical-U, Christopher Sutton. Christopher started Musical-U, an online community, and website that helps people become more musical. Over the past few years, Christopher has helped over one million people with their music goals.

On this episode, we chat in depth about how Christopher has created an online community of over seven hundred musicians and aspiring musicians, and how he has built apps that have been downloaded over one million times.  We also chat about how entrepreneurs young and old can shake the entrepreneurial ‘not good enough’ self-talk.

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02:33: Who is Christopher Sutton?

7:07: Christopher and Chris on Feeling Like a Fake

11:11: How to Shake the Entrepreneurial ‘Not Good Enough’ Self-Talk

22:57: Getting Apps Downloaded Over 1,000,000 Times

29:49: Building an Online Community

Honorable Mentions:

Dan Sullivan

Christopher’s Apps

-Easy Ear Training

-Relative Pitch 

-Tone Def Test 

-Sing True 

James Schramko

Contact Info:

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