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Ep.546 ~ He Built a $1.4 Billion Software Company Before He Was 30 ~ Christian Owens

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The CEO and Founder of is on the mic today and he is going to share his story of building a $1.4 Billion SaaS company before the age of 30.


At the age of 12 Christian Owens taught himself how to code and started building a software company. By the age of 16 he dropped out of highschool and scaled his invoicing software business to $4 Million Annual Recurring Revenue. As a result, he ran into a lot of tax issues.


Christian then decided to start a software company to solve these problems after being told he would have to build it himself to find a solution. 

So Christian founded Paddle. Paddle became a payments infrastructure for SaaS businesses, and he grew Paddle into a $1.4 Billion company before the age of 30 growing 175% year over year. 

Paddle, recently hit the unicorn level by raising $200 million, it has attracted developers with over $1 billion in volume and integrates Alipay, Google Pay and iDeal, empowering software companies to sell and grow globally. In 2016, Christian was named one of Forbes’ “30 under 30”.

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0:04:09   Introduction 

0:06:35   How Christian Started To Do Business

0:08:45   What Makes Christian Different At A Young Age

0:12:24   Challenges While Bussiness Was Exponentially Growing

0:16:18   Life After Dropping Out Of School

0:20:24   Dealing With Government Taxes As A Teen

0:23:10   How To Focus On Business

0:26:35   Projection Of Business Growth

0:28:25   How To Gain Customers Being A 17-Year-Old

0:32:25   Chapters Of Paddle  

0:38:25   Being A Company Serving Customers At A Larger Scale

0:41:40   Walk From Zero To A Million, Sprint From 1 to 10 Million  

0:45:13   Audience Q&A: Working With Patrick Campbell

0:50:45   Audience Q&A: Keeping Morale Up In The Workplace

0:54:25   Key Takeaways For To Grow Business In 2022

0:59:08   How Christian Structure His Day

1:03:38   Reach Out to Christian Owens

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