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Ep.307 & 308 ~ Building a Massive Location-Independent Business While Facing Death Daily ~ Chris Jankulovski

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Today, I am honored to welcome this entrepreneur to the podcast. Our guest today has built a massive location independent business and he has done it while battling cancer, brain operations, and failing kidneys. He literally told the doctor before surgery, if he survives one of his first operations he was going to build a business that employs thousands of people!  His name is Chris Jankulovski and his story is one most people don’t hear too often, but when they do, it really puts life into perspective. I believe it is one of the most inspiring stories we have had on the show.


Chris is the founder of Remote Staff, a recruiting company specializing in remote working placements. They focus on Philippine talent, forty percent of the people they hire for their clients are developers, next is virtual assistants and they also hire for other specialty roles who work full-time or part-time on someone’s team.


Chris started his business after having brain surgery over 10 years ago. Throughout that time, he created a business that produces a lot of jobs, a lot of freedom and a lot of money. We also talk with Chris about staying positive, his mentality around adversity and leaving this world better off because you were a part of it. It is an eye-opening episode and one I would recommend for anyone.



“Life IS the occasion, and it deserves to be celebrated!”  Chris Jankulovski


Part I:

03:00: Facing Death and Promising the Doctor to Employ Thousands of People If He Survives

17:46: How to Stay Positive When Facing the Worst Scenarios

23:44: Managing the Bad Days


Part II:

02:54: Chris on the Deepening of His Spiritual Side of Self

06:35: Preparing to Die

15:14: When Health Forces Chris to Fire Himself and Hire the Right Team

22:55: Tips on Hitting the Next Level


“Your goal in business is to serve and add value to other people's lives.” Chris Jankulovski


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