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Ep.449 ~ How To Build a Highly Successful Personal Brand & Why It's Beneficial During a Crisis ~ Chris Ducker

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~ Current Series ~

Entrepreneurs Surviving & Navigating the Corona Crisis

Chris is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author of the bestseller, “Virtual Freedom” and The Rise of the Youpreneur.


Chris has founded several businesses, which combine an amount of over 400 full-time employees. He is also a popular business blogger and podcaster at,, and the founder of, an exclusive Personal Brand Business Building Community. 


I am a big fan of personal brands. I think a solid personal brand can add an incredible amount of flexibility to your business and the opportunities that come across your plate.


In this episode we got to dive into the importance of having a personal brand during chaotic times and what are the specific advantages people with personal brands have right now. 


02:00: Who is Chris Ducker?

07:30: Youpreneur- The Value of a Personal Brand

14:19: How To Become Someone's Favorite

18:07: Chris' Personal Brand Business Model

39:00: Chris on Staying on Top of Things during a Crisis

46:43: Where to Find Chris Ducker

Contact Info:


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