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Ep.350 ~ Creating an 8-Figure Cannabis Location Independent Business ~ Chip Baker


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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Welcome to The Business Method Podcast listeners we are happy to have you here today. Marijuana and Cannabis are a hot topic in today’s world. As more and more countries and states start to legalize the use and distribution of both Marijuana and Cannabis products, the more businesses start to emerge in the industry.


Today’s guest is a pioneer in the industry creating businesses helping Cannabis growers all around the U.S. Chip Baker is the founder of Cultivate Colorado which sells special potting soil for marijuana plants. Over the years, Chip has built up two brick and mortar grow stores and even with two physical stores, Chip has created an 8-figure location independent lifestyle! Listen up guys as we dive deep with Chip about growing his businesses, the Cannabis industry today,  and creating a location independent lifestyle while running physical stores.


05:50: Why Chip Smokes Weed Regularly?

07:12: Who is Chip Baker and Getting Into the Cannabis Business

16:23: Being a Part of the Cannabis Community and Supporting Cannabis Entrepreneurs

17:11: Who is Cannabis Helping?

18:36: Alcohol vs. Cannabis

21:00: Technology’s Role in the Cannabis Industry

24:11: Creating a Location Independent Lifestyle with a Location Dependent Business

29:25: Suggestions to Be Better w/ Your Numbers

31:22: Structuring Calls w/ Team

34:40: Organizing Your Business

35:50: The Progression of the Cannabis Industry


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