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Ep.297 ~ Turning a $6000 Investment into a $3.2 Million Business in Less Than 3 Years ~ Chelsea Moore

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

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Welcome back to the show listeners we are glad you joined us!  Today, we are featuring a young entrepreneur that has had an incredible amount of success starting, launching, promoting and building her business with her three best friends from a startup in their apartment to a $3.2 million dollar company in less than three years. Chelsea Moore is the co-founder of BoxFox, a high-quality gifting company. BoxFox is now a team of thirteen women all in their twenties and one team mascot Eleanor their dog.


Two things that stand out for me with this company. One is obviously the growth.  BoxFox has had record-setting growth in their sales in just three short years. We chat today about how Chelsea and her partners made this happen. The other is company culture.  BoxFox focuses on creating a holistic culture where friendships are valued first over the business. It is incredible and inspirational to see!


“Be lean and be obsessed with being lean.” Chelsea Moore


02:15: Living in Los Angeles

05:52: Who is Chelsea Moore?

09:42: The Beginning of BoxFox

11:12: Turning a $6000 Investment into $3.2 Million Business in Less Than 3 Years

14:42: Chelsea on Branding

16:15: Building a Company with Only Females

19:08: Chelsea on Hiring Friends

22:14: Challenges with Rapid Growth

24:51: Getting Into Big Name Media Channels


"Over the last three years, I’ve realized that when it comes to owning a business, more isn’t always better." Chelsea Moore


Contact Info:


Instagram: @shopboxfox

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