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Ep.182 ~ 0 to $260,000 in One Year ~ Casey Ames

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews in 100 Days with 100 Entrepreneurs That Have Built $100,000+ Businesses


On today’s episode, we are joined by Casey Ames the founder of HarklaHarkla is a newer business that focuses on creating and delivering high-quality products for special-needs children and children with Autism.


Today, Casey shares about his journey starting and growing Harkla for the past fourteen months. Harkla and Casey have experienced a rapid spike in growth their first year hitting $260,000 in revenue.  Casey shares the up’s and down’s of this story and we wrap up the podcast learning about Casey’s thought on why we should avoid famous 10,000-hour rule.

“The foundation of a good sales funnel is good copywriting.” Casey Ames

03:50: Starting Harkla

09:59: Experiencing Rapid Growth in Year 1

12:57: Handling Year 2 and Lessons Learned From Year 1

13:53: On Harkla’s First Hire

16:45: Growing a Facebook Group

18:29: Tips on Advertising on Google

19:43: Casey on Sales Funnel Creation

24:14: Why You Should Avoid the 10,000 Rule

“Look at the top rated critical review on Amazon. It is usually the most intelligent review” Casey Ames

Honorable Mentions:

Chris Guthrie

‘The Four Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss

Drew Sanocki

Nerd Marketing

“Why You Should Ignore the 10,000 Rule’ by Casey Ames

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