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Ep.229 ~ From a Living Room Table Business to Forbes 30 Under 30 ~ Candice Galek


~ Current Series ~

Interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs w/ $100k Businesses in 100 Days

“There is some statistic that says highly practical content is 34% more likely to go viral, than content that is not helpful.” Candice Galek


Her business went from a living room table to a warehouse with forty employees in twenty short months. That’s Candice Galek the founder of Bikini Luxe and today’s guest on our podcast.

Candice is quite the entrepreneur and joins us today to share about the rapid growth she created in her business and landed her on Forbes 30 Under 30 list. She discusses at length about how her business went viral on LinkedIn, the leadership lessons she learned from this process, and how she uses Polyvore to drive traffic and sales.

“It takes 13 milliseconds for your brain to register an image and 50 milliseconds for your brain to form a first impression. And first impressions are everything when it comes to the short attention span while browsing online these days.” Candice Galek

01:49: Who is Candice Galek?

05:57: Taking Bikini Luxe From a Living Room Table to a Warehouse with 40 Employees in 20-Months

09:21: Candice On Leadership During the Rapid Growth of Bikini Luxe

11:29: Bikini Luxe Going Viral on LinkedIn

17:54: Polyvore and How Candice Uses it to Drive Massive Traffic to Bikini Luxe

“In managing my own PR and marketing, I interviewed 100 different businesses that would offer me PR.” Candice Galek

Honorable Mentions:

Candice on Forbes 30 Under 30

Candice on LinkedIn

Bikini Luxe Going Viral on LinkedIn


Candice’s Colum on Inc Magazine

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