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Ep.534 ~ How to Get 1-Million Followers in 30 Days ~ Brendan Kane


~ High-Performance & Entrepreneurship ~

Today on the podcast we have one of the world's top digital media strategists on the show. He is the author of ‘One Million Followers” where he dissects how he built this massive social following in only 30 days! He has been hired by Fortune 500 companies and celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, & Michael Strahan, and the applications & platforms he has created for his celebrity clients have been accessed by over $50 million people worldwide. He has partnered with MTV, served as VP of Digital for Paramount Pictures and helped scale one of the largest social optimization firms in the world.

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His name is Brendan Kane and today we are going to talk with him about how you too can build a massive following and how we can stand out online in today’s digital world!

03:55 Who is Brendan Kane?

05:15 Oversaturation of Ads and How You Can Get Heard

12:35 Best Ways to Get People to Stop Scrolling and Watch Your Content

10:25 Starting the Project of Gaining 1-Million Followers in 30 Days

24:15 Brendan’s Preparation Mindset for the 1-Million Follower Project

28:30 Focusing & Finding a Target Audience but Community to the Masses

39:10 Creating Strategic Alliances

47:05 Brendan’s Favorite Platforms 

48:55 Brendan on TicToc & SnapChat

55:35 How Can Podcasters Grab & Keep Listeners Attention

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