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Ep.263 ~ Fighting with the Ocean ~ Brad Hart

~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

He went from a kid getting beat up and bullied in Long Island, New York to building a successful hedge fund and hanging out with Richard Branson and Tim Ferriss.  He has dropped approximately $650,000 on personal development work and is working to create a global mindset shift. He is the founder of the Mark More Marbles movement and podcast and his name is Brad Hart.

On today’s episode, we get behind the story and mindset of such an accomplished individual.  We get to learn how Brad thinks, how he build a hedge fund that got 106% returns, and why he is crazy...or intelligent enough to spend so much time and money on his own personal growth.

“You can get to this place where life happens just by the very virtue of you showing up. When Richard Branson walks into a room, millions of dollars start moving.” Brad Hart

02:23: San Diego’s Tech Scene

03:56: Who is Brad Hart?

12:20: Brad Meets Richard Branson

21:13: Why Brad Invested $650,000 Into Personal Development

27:08: Keeping Focus on the Bigger Picture

31:06: How Brad Releases Stress and Frustration

33:45: Building a Hedge Fund That Gives 106% Returns

42:06: What You Need to Build a 7-Figure Location Independent Business

“One of my goals was to have ten $100 million+ mentors, and I have six now, including two well-known billionaires.” Brad Hart  

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Chattanooga, Tennessee USA

Crypto Currency Cheat Sheet

Wealth Dynamics Test

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