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Ep.461 ~ Making the Squatty Potty Video and Viral Video Ads ~ Benton Crane, CEO of Harmon Bros.

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Our guest today is Benton Crane the CEO of Harmon Bros. and if you haven't heard of Harmon Bros. there is a good chance you have seen a commercial or advertisement that was created by them.  If you have seen a commercial for Poo Pourri, Clickfunnels, Woodwind Grills, Purple Mattress, Chatbooks, and my favorite the legendary Squatty Potty video ads that made them legends and who was also interviewed on our podcast about 3 years ago, those are the typical viral video ads they create.


Harmon Bros. has over $350 Million in sales as a direct result from their video ads, and nearly 1.5 billion cumulative client video views. They have a now top-rated podcast called From Poop to Gold and a book by the same name. 



02:00: Who is Benton Crane/ Harmon Bros?

05:55: Starting Harmon Bros

14:28: Harmon Bros Creative Process

26:41: The Hero’s Journey

34:06: Pillars of a Viral Video

39:54: The Squatty Potty Video Breakdown

53:46: Where to Find Harmon Bros?

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