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Ep.204 ~ Does Your Business Need a Podcast? ~ Ben Krueger


~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews in 100 Days w/ Entrepreneurs Running $100k Businesses

On today’s show, we are joined by the voice of Cashflow Podcasting, Ben Krueger. Ben joins us today to talk…you guessed it, PODCASTING!  Cashflow Podcasting is not only a podcast, but it is a productized service that helps podcasters grow their audience, authority, and everything involved with the podcasting world.

Today, Ben and I get into the nitty gritty of running a podcast. We chat interview psychology, the future of podcasting, how often businesses with podcasts should be publishing, and interviewing famous people. Ben shares his thoughts on what types of businesses should have podcasts, and which ones probably should not. Towards the end of the show, Ben will share some of his favorite podcasts, and some recommendations if you have a podcast or are thinking about starting one.

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“Whether I am doing the interview or I’m the person being interviewed, my goal is to bring out as much helpful information for that audience member as possible.” Ben Krueger

02:34: How Ben and Chris Prepare for a Podcast

05:06: Interviewing Famous People

06:29: Drawing a Blank While Interviewing Someone?

11:05: Ben’s Favorite Podcasts

16:43: The Future of Podcasting

22:35: Should You Start a Podcast for Your Business?

25:19: What Types of Businesses Should Not Use Podcasting?

27:42: How Often Should You Publish?

35:18: Ben and Chris Chat About Podcast Hosting and Recommendations

38:25: Podcasting Hardware and Software Recommendations

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