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Ep.291 ~ Biohacking with a 7-Figure Supplement Entrepreneur ~ Ben Hebert

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100 Interviews with 100 Location Independent Entrepreneurs That Have Over $1,000,000 in Annual Revenue

Welcome back to the show listeners and we are glad you joined us today! A couple weeks ago we featured the founder of Natural Stacks, Ben Hebert on our show. Natural Stacks is a supplement company helping people reach their highest level of peak performance, naturally! We chatted about everything from branding, trends, rapid growth, hiring coaches and what Ben would do if he started all over in today's world. We actually got such great content from the interview that we decided to make it into two different episodes.


In this episode we focus on Biohacking. Biohacking is a huge industry today and Ben and Natural Stacks are on the front line of this industry helping people achieve optimal results for productivity. During the show we address how Ben stays positive in gloomy environments, intermittent fasting, natural bio hacks, getting into flow-state….and of course, biohacking hangovers.


If you are into productivity and want to dive deep on creating some optimal results, this is the show for you. And now, without further adieu, once again, Ben Hebert.


“Everything in life is about adapting, changing, modifying and just trying as many things as possible and finding what works for you.” Ben Hebert


02:32: Staying Positive in a Cloudy and Gloomy Environment and Ben’s Morning Stack of Supplements

05:00: Ben’s Recommended Supplements and BioHacking for Hangovers

07:44: Ben on Intermittent Fasting

10:47: Upgrading Diets Regularly

14:08: Long-Term Effects of Using Supplements

15:57: Natural BioHacks Ben Uses to Increase Natural Chemicals in His Body

16:53: Getting Into Flow-State Quickly


“The main thing you need if you drink too much in a night is Vitamin C.” Ben Hebert


Honorable Mentions:








Ben recommends taking Dopamine in the morning to get your day going and GABA for sleep at night!


Contact Info: (Ben's eComm Training)


SPECIAL NATURAL STACKS DISCOUNT FOR LISTENERS: Listeners can use the coupon code ‘CHRISREYNOLDS’ to save 25% on anything. Limited to 50 people.

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