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Ep.405 ~ Building a Community of Top-Level Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders & Influencers & Taking Them to an Island ~ Hollis Carter

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Hey podcast listeners, today we are hopping on the mic with Hollis Carter. Hollis is an internet marketer from back in the day when it was a Wild Wild West show. He has had quite a bit of success and one of the first people to create a video sales letter. Throughout his years as an entrepreneur, he kept going to these conferences that were all about “pitching and selling”. After many different conferences, his now partner Michael Lovich and he got to talking about creating a community of high-level entrepreneurs and high-caliber people that forbid ‘pitching and selling’ at their events. Thus, they created a community of entrepreneurs called Baby Bathwater Institute.

Each year, they have an event on an island in Croatia called Baby Bathwater Island. Last year, I attended and I was blown away by the content. A friend of mine said it was kind of like Mario Bros. the video game, and warping from Level 2 to Level 12 in a matter of a few short days. I couldn’t agree more, and as soon as I left the event last year, I knew I wanted to attend again this year. That event is coming up soon, at the end of June on an Island in Croatia. On the show today, Hollis and I chat about the experience of being on the island and what it like running a community of high-profile entrepreneurs, influencers and thought leaders. One thing that I really like about their events, is that there are no paid professional speakers. If someone is sharing their content, it is because they have proven their methods, and they are there to share and be a part of the community.

02.55:  A Bit About Baby Bathwater Island & Hollis

08:10:  What is it like on Baby Bathwater Island?

16:35:  Having No Sales Community

18:05:  Spoilers for Workshops on the Island in 2019

21:05:  A Business Mastermind Like Summer Camp

23:30:  Curating a Community of Influential People


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