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Ep.378 ~ The CEO of K-Swiss & Partnering w/ Gary Vaynerchuk ~ Barney Waters

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~ Current Series ~

100 Interviews with 100 Major Influencers

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We are five podcasts into our new ‘100 Major Influencer’ series and I have to tell you I am really inspired by our guest today! Recently, I was introduced to the CEO of K-Swiss shoe and apparel company Barney Waters.  Barney agreed to come on the show and I am very glad he did. Barney and K-Swiss are taking their marketing strategy to a completely different level that I have never seen before. They are focusing on making ‘the shoe’ for CEOs and entrepreneurs.


I have to be honest, at first, I was a bit taken back by the strategy, but after talking to Barney and learning more about their purpose and focus I am completely on board with what they are doing. In fact, during the show, I thought to myself a few times...I have to get me a pair of those shoes!.  K-Swiss is using influencer marketing for new and young hip CEO’s and entrepreneurs to promote and they have even created a very unique partnership with the legendary Gary Vaynerchuk and Barney shares exactly how that partnership and partnerships with other influencers were created and handled.


06:43: How did Barney Wind Up at K-Swiss

09:01: A Behind the Scenes Snapshot of the Sneaker World

12:43: The Peaks and Troughs of K-Swiss

15:59: Making K-Swiss the Show for the CEO and Entrepreneurial World

19:41: Picking Fights You Can Win in Business

21:31: Recognizing if You're in a Market You Can’t Win

24:55: K-Swiss’s Influencer Marketing and Establishing a Partnership w/ Gary Vaynerchuk

28:17: Sending a Freezing Cold Email to Gary V and Having Success

29:29: Creating Partnerships w/ High-Profile Partnerships

36:29: Barney on Authenticity & Transparency



Contact Info:

CEO’s Wear Sneakers Podcast

Social Media: @barneywaters


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