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Ep.287 ~ Baby Bathwater Institute Review

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Hey listeners, welcome back to the show!  Do you know what a benchmark is? A benchmark is one of those times in your life that you know that you know that you know life completely changes after that moment. Today’s podcast is about one of those moments. Last week, I just got back from my first Baby Bathwater Institute event on an island in Croatia.  A small group of us attended including a good friend Steven the CTO of Kyvio.  We were both absolutely blown away by the experience, so much that we had to hop on the podcast and create a follow-up episode for the event.  If you are thinking about checking out Baby Bathwater make sure you tune it. I think we can help you make up your mind!


02:10: What is Baby Bathwater Island and Why Are We Talking About It?

08:40: How to Immediately Apply What You Learn at a Conference?

13:35: Arriving on the Island



“It kind of feels like we were playing Mario Bros. and we went a random tube in Level 2 and ended up in Level 10!”  Steven quoting Idahosa Ness


Honorable Mentions:


Necker Island


Idahosa Ness




DNX Festival


Jesse Elder


The D.C. (Dynamite Circle)


Dry Farm Wines


Alex Brown, co-founder of Dollar Beard Club


Ron Lynch


Cat Howell


Trevor Chapman


Vishen Lakhiani


Steve Olsher




Get Shit Done Live Productivity Workshops


Contact Info:


Baby Bathwater Institute


Steven van der Peijl

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