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Ep.493 ~ Dissecting the Art of Impossible w/ Steven Kotler

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I am going to start this podcast introduction from some passages at the end of a book our guest today has recently written. “What impossible challenges would you tackle if you knew you could be 500% more productive? If you could be 600% more creative? If you could cut your learning times in half?” If you could increase your confidence massively, and also spike the pattern recognition significantly in your brain.


I know it sounds like the drug that everyone has dreamed about for centuries to make people feel limitless, and superhuman. But it is not a drug. It is a biological process that nature has embedded into each and every one of us, and we don’t need to be a professional athlete or naturally talented to access it.

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What is it and how does one access it? We are going to talk about that in today's podcast  because the author has written a book that dissects how one can reach this state to achieve what humans think is impossible for themselves. The book is called The Art of Impossible.


The author and today’s guest is Steven Kotler. Steven is a NYTimes Bestselling Author of numerous books including The Rise of Superman, Bold, Abundance, and my favorite read of 2018 Stealing Fire. He is the founder of Flow-State Collective and is an expert in the field of peak-performance, and achieving the impossible because he has studied individuals who have done this numerous times. Some of those people are well known top-athletes, SpecialOps members, NavySEALS, and some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and innovators. He himself has also been a guinea pig to his own madness, and practices on a regular basis what he preaches.

This is Steven's second time on the podcast, and we are going to get behind the man that has studied for years the art of achieving the impossible, why he wrote this book, and how we can apply this methodology to achieve the impossible in our own lives. 

     04:51 Who is Steven Kotler?

     05:46 The Art of Impossible

     10:32 The Formula of Impossible

     14:55 Using Flow States to Achieve the Impossible

     23:05 Flow Neuroscience

     26:34 The Essentials of Motivation

     29:14 Passion Neurochemicals

     33:55 Flow States > Orgasms

     35:16 Beta State of Mind

     42:01 How Risk Taking is Encouraged by Our Brains

     43:10 Goal-Setting

     53:16 Where the Brain Finds Inspiration

     56:37 Avoiding Burnout

01:06:35 Accessing the Subconscious Mind Easily 

01:17:40 How Peter Diamandis Achieved the Impossible & How You Can Too

01:21:47 Where to Find Steven Kotler?

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